Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Beer, 12 Pack, 12 fl oz Bottles, 5.4% ABV

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Blue Moon Belgian White Ale Beer is a Belgian style wheat ale. Crisp and tangy with a subtle citrus sweetness, this wheat beer has a 5.4% ABV. Full of zesty orange fruitiness, this citrus beer has a creamy body and a light spicy wheat aroma. This case of beer bottles is perfect to share with friends when you need refreshing drinks during all seasons. The light fruity beer is crafted with Valencia orange peel, a touch of coriander, oats and wheat for a refreshing and balanced taste. Blue Moon Belgian White ale pairs well with many meals including seafood, salad, marinated chicken and grilled shrimp. Grab some Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian beer for when you’re watching the big game or sharing a meal with friends. Don’t forget to garnish this Blue Moon beer with an orange wheel to accentuate the beer’s citrus aroma. Imagined in Belgium and crafted in Denver.

  • You’ll get twelve 12 fl oz beer bottles of Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Beer
  • Blue Moon craft beer with a smooth finish and 5.4% ABV
  • Try this Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma
  • Heighten the citrus beer taste by garnishing your Blue Moon beer with an orange round
  • Grab a Blue Moon beer 12-pack to share a refreshing drink with friends or a grilling beer at a party or sporting event
  • Enjoy during a night with friends and pair with salads, seafood or marinated chicken dishes
  • Carry case of Blue Moon beer makes it easy to bring refreshing drinks anywhere you need


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