Deoblock Starter Pack

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DeoBlock is a durable, reusable deodorizer that actually eliminates odor instead of simply masking them. Rather than relying on overpowering scents to cover up bad smells, this proprietary deodorizing formula breaks down malodor molecules to eliminate odor caused by perspiration, trash, smoke, and more. Each refill pod contains a 100% plant-based deodorizing gel infused with premium essential oil blends for added freshness. Made exclusively with non-toxic ingredients, each refill pod lasts 30 days and is fully recyclable.

The ultra-compact and minimalist design allows for DeoBlock to blend into most environments and hide in plain sight. Toss it in your gym bag or locker, store it in your closet near your shoes, or keep it in your bathroom. You can even use it in your car! Just place it in a cup holder, under the seat, or on the dash. DeoBlock is most effective in confined spaces up to 50 sq ft, but for larger spaces you can always add a second DeoBlock and boost the odor-fighting power.

This Starter Pack includes the DeoBlock and one refill pod with your choice of fragrance. Oceanside has a stronger scent with pure and vibrant citrus notes. Sandalwood is more subtle with hints of rich cedar and musk. Velour exudes a scent that is sheer, rich, and luxe.



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