Purple Love Energy Truffle Collection

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Purple has always been a symbol of rarity. An expression of individualism and extravagance, purple has long been associated with power, royalty, and femininity. We created this collection to highlight these characteristics and others related to the divine feminine. Indulge in sixteen truffles that explore these traits translated to chocolate using parfums of fresh strawberry, bergamot citrus, grass-fed French butter, royal ube, and mascarpone paired with our proprietary chocolate. A delicious Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved, best friend, or for yourself.




What’s Inside

Love Frequency Purple Energy Collection, 16 pieces:
(4) Bergamot: bergamot citrus + 62% cacao dark chocolate
(4)Bordier Butter: A.O.C. grass-fed French butter + 72% cacao dark chocolate + Ube
(4)Strawberry Coulis: Fresh strawberry puree + white chia + 62% cacao dark chocolate
(4)Strawberry Mascarpone: strawberry + gooseberry + mascarpone + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate


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